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How To Speak To Girls In Basic Spanish

When you’re in another country it’s best to approach the girl English to immediately broadcast your gringo status. Another benefit of using English is that since it’s your native language you will hesitate less than if you had to approach in a new language you are unfamiliar with. Opening is half the battle so it’s important to make the first contact even if she doesn’t completely understand you.

If the girl doesn’t speak any English and you are not in a club then you will be in trouble, but otherwise you only need to add a few phrases to your dancing to take things to the next level. Remember that words, while helpful, are not necessary to hook up with a foreign chick who likes you for whatever reason. A little bit of alcohol won’t hurt.

I give the Spanish wording followed by an English equivalent.

1. Hi, how are you?
→ Hola, cómo estás ? (oh-la, co-mo es-tas)
→ Hola, que tal? (oh-la, kay tal)

2. Are you from here?
→ ¿Eres de aquí? (eh-res day ah-key)

3. I’m from the United States
→ Soy de los Estados Unidos  (soy day los eh-sta-dos ooh-nee-dos)

4. You like gringos, yes?
→ ¿Te gusta gringos, sí? (tay goo-sta grin-gos, see)

5. Where can I find…
→ ¿Dónde puedo encontrar… ? (don-day pweh-doh)

6. I’m here on vacation
→ Estoy aquí de vacaciones (es-toy ah-key day ba-ca-sion-ayes)

7. You are nice
→ Tu estás simpatica (two es-tas sim-pot-uh-ka)

8. Do you want to have a drink with me some day?
→ ¿Quieres tomar algo conmigo un dia? (key-eh-res toe-mar al-go con-me-go oon dee-ah)

9. I want to see you again
→ Quiero verlo otra ves (key-eh-row bear-lo oh-tra base)

10. Where is the whore house?
→ ¿Dónde está la casa de puta? (don-day es-ta la ka-sa day poo-ta)

I didn’t put “What is your name?” in the list because it’s best to let the girl ask first as a way to gauge her interest.

For study I recommend you grab ten notecards and put English on one side with the other language on the other. Look at the English side first and see if you can say the Spanish translation with no mistakes. After one or two hours you should be ready.

If you want to take your Spanish to the next level, I recommend taking a look at a guide I wrote a while ago called Teach Yourself Spanish. If you find yourself in Brazil, rest assured that your crappy Spanish will easily be understood by the Brazilians, whose Portuguese is similar to Spanish.

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So You’re Going To Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)


I’ve received a lot of questions from guys going to Rio who want to have sex with a Brazilian girl. Keeping that in mind, here are some tips to achieve that goal:

1. Where to stay? The two main popular beaches are Ipanema and Copacabana. During the day Ipanema’s beach will be packed with beautiful people while Copa’s will be sparsely filled with families and random backpackers. During the night Ipanema’s expensive restaurants will be bustling with patrons while Copa’s shady streets will be more or less dead with the occasional vendor. Ipanema is rich and flashy while Copa is more rugged with a working class character.

If you are going for a short time, lodge in Ipanema, but if you are lucky enough to stay for more than a couple weeks then split your time up. Since most clubs won’t be within walking distance from wherever you stay, it’s hard to make a regretful choice. Personally I liked Copa more because it was gentler on my budget. I took a cheap bus when I wanted to go to Ipanema’s beach.

2. Hostel, hotel, or apartment? If you have the money stay in an apartment. Many hotels are cracking down on bringing back late-night guests, and you’ll be disappointed to find out your expensive hotel won’t let you bring a girl back when she’s begging for sex at 3am in the morning. Here are some sites for apartment rentals:

If you stay at a hostel, all you need is a piece of paper in your jean pocket with the address of an hourly hotel (there’s one in my Rio guide). If you meet a girl who wants your sex, simply show a cab driver the address and take her to the hotel. Since hourly hotels are common in Rio and the practice of going to one is ingrained in the culture, a girl won’t think of it as cheesy or low-class. Hostel links:

3. How much to bring? Brazil’s currency, the real (pronounced hey-ow, believe it or not), is getting quite strong thanks to the weakening dollar. I wouldn’t plan on spending less than $100 a day to sight-see, eat occasionally at decent restaurants, go out drinking at clubs, sleep in a hostel, and buy souvenirs at markets instead of boutiques. Spending can get really out of hand if you don’t watch it, moreso than other South American countries. Yet if you tell a Brazilian that their country is twice as expensive as their neighbor Argentina, they will counter that their life is twice as good. Touché.

4. What to study? After you study what I write about Brazilian girls on my blog, pick up a copy of How To Be A Carioca, a fun book that exposes you to the culture and also acts as a phrase book and dictionary to teach you slang words that will amuse the locals.

If you’re going to stay for a while and have money to blow, get Rio For Partiers. It’s an alternative, expensive guide book that is a more current and edgy version of How To Be A Carioca that zeroes in on the nightlife. It’s a pretty short read but the information is helpful.

The last book I recommend is my book Bang (duh). The Western game I teach translates very well for the many Brazilian girls who speak English (you will notice English schools on every other block). I wish I could say the same for Argentine girls.

5. How to mentally prepare? They key to success and happiness in Rio is approaching during the daytime on the beach and on the street. Girls will be very receptive if you open with an angle asking for some sort of help like directions or the best place to get açaí. Then you can easily transition to normal game after that by asking if she’s going out later.

The reason approaching during the daytime is so important is that Rio’s nightlife is surprisingly not very good. For a population of it’s size there is a limited amount of nightclubs and bars, unlike a city like Buenos Aires which has a club for every 20 people. You can’t sit on your ass all day and then say you’ll do something at night because you may not be able to find a good selection of girls at night. Catch them during the day and be a man about it and strike up conversation. In Ipanema the place to be during the day is by Posto 9 next to the tall coconut tree. You can’t miss it.

6. What if you fail? When all else falls and you can’t get laid to save your life and it’s your last night in Rio, head on over to Help nightclub in Copa (any self-respecting taxi driver knows where it is), pay the $20 or so cover charge to get in and bask in a sea of beautiful Brazilian prostitutes. I’m afraid I cannot give you an estimate since I did not indulge in their services. I also hear there are happy ending massage parlors but I did not notice them while I was there. Good luck!

If you liked this post then I think you'll like Roosh's Brazil Compendium, a 98-page strategy guide designed to help you sleep with Brazilian women in Brazil without paying for it. It contains dozens of moves, lines, tips, and city guides learned after seven months of research in the country, where I dedicated my existence to cracking the code of Brazilian women. Click here to learn more.

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Clarification On The Hook Up Ratings

I got an email from a gentleman questioning how I could put Cuzco, Peru at the top of my hookup list since the girls there are “ugly.”

Attractiveness was not a factor I used in making the list because it’s just too subjective. What I think is attractive may not be what you think, and vice versa. I went solely with the ability to hook up which is all you’re going to care about after a few drinks anyway.

The hottest Peruvian girl I foundCuzco got a 5 out of 5 rating, the only city to do so, but there is some hope from Colombia. Here’s an email I got recently:

Roosh, I just returned from just one weekend in colombia. i have traveled extensively in brasil, and i agree on your take on brazilian girls it was right on and in line with what i experienced. Colombia is a different story. I found the colombian girls to be much more attractive and much more friendly. They are truly interested in meeting and being with a gringo. I hung around upper income girls and they spoke english but have never been to the usa. Colombian girls are not as likely to jump into bed with you right away like the brazilian girls.. the colombian girls are more traditional. the lower income girls are im sure alot easier. The colombians love to dance and they want to stay out all night and dance. Unlike the brazilians if a colombian girl says she will meet u at 10:00am she will be there. In short i think to bed a good pretty colombian girl it takes a little romance and a little time but they are worth it.

I’ve heard elsewhere that Colombia combines the beauty of Argentine girls with that warm sensuality of Brazilian girls.

Posted on August 2 2008 in Colombia, Girls, Hookup Rating, Peru, South America