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This site is for guys looking to hook up with the girls in other countries. In each city I've been to I rate your chance of hooking up along with what to do during the day, where to sleep, and what spots to hit at night. In each country's overview page I also give a description on the girls. For advice on how to pick girls up, take a look at my game tips newsletter, which complements my book Bang.

Clarification On The Hook Up Ratings

I got an email from a gentleman questioning how I could put Cuzco, Peru at the top of my hookup list since the girls there are “ugly.”

Attractiveness was not a factor I used in making the list because it’s just too subjective. What I think is attractive may not be what you think, and vice versa. I went solely with the ability to hook up which is all you’re going to care about after a few drinks anyway.

The hottest Peruvian girl I foundCuzco got a 5 out of 5 rating, the only city to do so, but there is some hope from Colombia. Here’s an email I got recently:

Roosh, I just returned from just one weekend in colombia. i have traveled extensively in brasil, and i agree on your take on brazilian girls it was right on and in line with what i experienced. Colombia is a different story. I found the colombian girls to be much more attractive and much more friendly. They are truly interested in meeting and being with a gringo. I hung around upper income girls and they spoke english but have never been to the usa. Colombian girls are not as likely to jump into bed with you right away like the brazilian girls.. the colombian girls are more traditional. the lower income girls are im sure alot easier. The colombians love to dance and they want to stay out all night and dance. Unlike the brazilians if a colombian girl says she will meet u at 10:00am she will be there. In short i think to bed a good pretty colombian girl it takes a little romance and a little time but they are worth it.

I’ve heard elsewhere that Colombia combines the beauty of Argentine girls with that warm sensuality of Brazilian girls.

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Posted on August 2 2008 in Colombia, Girls, Hookup Rating, Peru, South America
1 Rooster
11 years ago

Hey I just moved to colombia, and i have to say colombia has a lot of potential. I went out for halloween and met this really cute model looking chick. I got her number and set up a date. I didnt start the convo in english as that is just to easy.

As a gringo, we have soo many possiblities here.

2 Jackie Treehorn
9 years, 12 months ago

Cuzco 5/5 “Hooking up is guaran-fucking-teed as long as you aren’t disfigured.”

Yet in your book you couldn’t get laid there.

What’s the deal?

3 sam
9 years, 1 month ago

I remember this one argentine guy in medellin..he had IT. Any colombian girl he talked to, he had her number within five minutes..he would take her out that night then bring her back fuck her in the bathroom at the hostal. He wasnt anything handsome, he was dark skinned and medium build, but he got hot girls. Game works in colombia. Its a deep part of the culture to surrender to your passions. And alot of the girls are open to kinky things..sex in public, fetishes really turn girls on. I’ve been talking to a bunch of the girls i know there about doing some body painting with latex paint…and they are really enthusiastic about the idea!

6 years, 3 months ago

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