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My 3 Favorite Cities In South America

Four months ago I sat down and thought about the three best South American cities out of the 30+ I’ve been to. Number one is Rio de Janeiro, Brazil…

The secret has been out for over fifty years. Yes, Rio has a very serious crime problem and the police won’t go into many areas without armored vehicles and full SWAT protection, but if you’re a guy looking for a sex vacation and you don’t like Asian girls there is no other city in South America that touches your high odds of getting ass here. Pussy doesn’t fall from the sky, as you might be thinking, but the native girls actually like gringos. Even the native guys like gringos. Go out every night, don’t be a wallflower, and you will get to experience what I plan on experiencing again in the future.

If that hasn’t sold you, how about the a gorgeous backdrop and beach weather nearly year round? Sure the water isn’t sparkling blue, but you’ll be busy on the Ipanema sand angling to get in with the girls in ridiculous bikinis laying next to you.

To read about the other two cities I liked, check out the post here.

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Posted on August 2 2008 in Brazil, South America
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1 cheyenne
8 years, 1 month ago

i visited rio several times and was overwhelmed with only prostitution. i personally prefer to meet normal girls who dont do things simply for a dollar bill. where is the challenge??