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Ecuador was made for the adventure traveler; the surfer, hiker, mountain climber / biker, the naturist and white water rafter. The comfortable tourist trail has been laid with very reasonable prices until you hit the Galapagos. You should take a visit if you want to do a lot of outdoor activities in a relatively compact area.

The Girls

Ecuadorian girls look very indigenous with straight black hair, high cheekbones, thin eyebrows, and small eyes. Their bodies were not blessed with curves, but every city, no matter how small, has at least a few natural beauties. Regardless, this is not a country you should be coming for the girls, as most of them look like pictures of Native Americans in your high school history textbook. In smaller cities, the white man is looked on with an extra dose of curiosity, and his gringo status will attract an occasional prostitute working pseudo-undercover.

Shoeshine boy in Quito, EcuadorCity Guides


Basic set lunch: $1.50
Bottle of big beer: $1.50
Cappuccino: $1.25
Internet per hour: $1.00
Hostel dorm bed per night: $7.00
Nice steak dinner: $7.00
Short taxi ride: $1.50
Postcard stamp: $0.80


Ecuador’s two largest cities, Quito and Guayaquil, suffer from pick pockets and muggings. In fact, most people I met has a robbery or attempted robbery story coming out of Quito. Medium sized towns are mostly safe.



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1 Daniel
8 years, 11 months ago

you are writing shit, about Ecuador, maybe you travel with fear, and you fear don’t let you relize, all the good things, sorry for my english, but is true, are you a maricon

2 Nathaly
8 years, 10 months ago

YOU DON’T KNOW ECUADOR!!!! ECUADOR is very very very beautiful! People who visits this country fall in love with her!!! Beautiful beaches, BEAUTIFUL WOMEN, beautiful and unique cities!! so stop talking shit about my country!! and i want to say i don’t think this only cuz i’m ecuadorian but cuz i heard what foreign people say about Ecuador! they simply love my country!!

7 years, 10 months ago


4 Carlos
7 years, 5 months ago

La forma en como describís a las mujeres ecuatorianas te hace un verdadero gringo puto. Seguramente serán mas lindas las gringas color rosa que habitan tu país, perfecto, entonces quedate allá, comiendo tu propia mierda y el miedo que te da saber que ante el mundo sos un gringo de mierda.
Saludos a los hermanos ecuatorianos desde Córdoba, Argentina.

5 nessa
7 years, 5 months ago

You don’t know what your talking about. there are many beautiful women out there. I am Ecuadorian I am beautiful and I have curves.

6 gringo
7 years, 3 months ago

What? you apparently missed Ecuador and went to hell. The girls here have curves are the most polite and beautiful in the world. I have traveled Czech Republic and they girls here compete with them. That is saying a lot.

Girls here are great. I’m 63 and my girl is 23 and educated in Quito. She isn’t after a visa to the US, she isn’t begging for money. We have fun together, dance, play and more.

You are fucking nuts! Get out and see the world and not from reading a book in your fucking closet and writing about it.

7 Guy Spending Summer Here
7 years, 3 months ago

I’ll have to side with everyone about this: I’ve been in Quito for about 3 weeks now and everyday I find myself surprised at how beautiful the people here are. Maybe you stayed in a different part or didn’t look in the right places, but I walk or bus everywhere instead traveling via taxi, which I’m assuming would help see more people(the night clubs don’t count, I seem to attract a lot of cross-dressers…). Your description may fit for a place like Runatupari where the indigenous people still reside, but it couldn’t be less true as a generalization–there are ALOT of mestizos here.

Please make a stronger effort to meet the people next time.

8 Anonymous
6 years, 10 months ago

No offensive to the people of Ecuador ,I have been there for carnival! I know many of Ecuadorian women in nyc / nj ! I don’t feel the wow factor
like I felt in ,Argentina , Venezuela , Puerto Rico
and Colombia! Whom ever thinks Ecuadorian women are the most gorgeous in the world is exaggerating!

9 Piero
6 years, 8 months ago

You and you commentaries are just SHIT, our women are not indigenous, maybe in the andes area ,buit in not all Ecuador, we have a beauty women, as like you in NYC, I WENT THERE AND I THINK IS A SHIT city with full of lazies, AND JUNKIES
I guess you do not to have to go by your self life writting shit of another countries.
Just I saw a lot of junkies giving an ass hole for a cigarrete, you speak CRAB

10 Ashley
6 years, 8 months ago


My girlfirend is Ecuadorian (FYI she is BEAUTIFUL!) and im thinking of travelling to Ecuador. Honestly, is Ecuador dangerous for white people i hear they get targeted because ‘gringos’ are seen as wealthy. Im worried it may not be the safest place to go! however the country looks beautiful and alot of fun!

11 Anonymous
6 years, 7 months ago

Every thing written here is the truth, firstly I don’t know what all these comments are about it seems like quite a positive review. The place is beautiful and the people very friendly, i’ve been to Guayaquil and Galapagos and I made some great friends there that i will keep in touch with for life. What the bloggers saying is if you want to have a one night stand your chances are practically zero unless you want a hooker. The girls I met where very good looking but they over value themselves I would have loved to fly them to St Petersburg and say now look around you and tell me your all that. Plus girls generally go every where chaparoned by their parents until they get married so theres no kissing on dates in fact no nothing, now theres nothing wrong with that but its not what the bloggers looking for hes looking for fast free love and thats why he loves Rio so much. So less of the hate its all down to personal preference

12 Jimbo
6 years, 2 months ago

I just got back from Ecuador and I found it absolutely beautiful. The people are wonderful and most everywhere is very clean(that I went). I don’t hang out in bars and I don’t look at women as a piece of ass only. I found the women attractive, kind of a soft confidence to them, was nice. They’re not all boisterous and rude as many places. The food was great also. I didn’t get mugged and I walked most everywhere when in a city.

13 Anonymous
6 years ago


14 Fer
5 years, 11 months ago

http://www.mantasosguide.com/ visit my site next time you come to Ecuadro and I will show you fun stuff

15 JR
5 years, 10 months ago

HI I’ve read your posts and i understand your frustration, however as an american let me try to clarify were these comments are coming from. First of all let me star by saying the US is a country of immigrants. In fact unlike most people from outside the country would believe the official language of the US is not English in fact if you look it up online you will see that we have no official language even though English is the most widely spoken and even some uneducated Americans will tell you English is the language of the US it’s not it’s just the most spoken. In the US instead of relying on one race of people we take the best from all races and combined them into the america of today a world leader. The US does a better job than most not keeping our blacks, Spanish etc… segregated or allowing racism to go on unchallenged, and having been to Ecuador myself even though people don’t like to talk about it or may even deny it exists the darker your skin color the lower you are on the ladder in the eyes of most locals as this is what they were raised to believe making it not entirely there fault for thinking this way. I remember in Ecuador being treated like less than equal until they found out i was American that is then they were all friendly and if you think we don’t notice we do. many of the great inventions of the US were created by black,Asian,and Spanish Peoples. when a country keeps these people suppressed they miss out on new inventions that could have come from equal collaboration thus keeping the country from progressing and becoming a 1st world country like the US.
Ok now that that’s done in regards to these post about Ecuador they should be taken with a large grain of salt. I don’t believe the intention was to insult Ecuador as a whole these were just the personal opinions of a few individuals remember what one finds attractive or not is subjective to the individuals personal tastes in other words everyone has different tastes for example I’ve been to Vietnam and Japan, and i happen to find Japanese girls more attractive than Vietnamese girls even though they are from the same part of the world not that there aren’t beautiful women in both countries. You must also remember that in the US we grow up with freedom of speech where we can say anything we want even about our president, government etc… and not get in trouble it is seen as our god given right not to have our speech controlled by anyone. In America we have whole TV shows devoted to making fun of our nation our Government and a host of other things that might be Illegal or considered treason in other countries if you watch enough US TV in the US though because if you watch it from another country that countries Government might not allow certain things to be shown on their national TV stations you will see what you are calling a national insult is all over our Television and most Americans grow up with a loose tongue since birth as a result, in our minds we are not insulting you or you country we are just stating our own feelings on the matter which in the US would not be seen as out of the ordinary. also national pride in the US does not mean the same thing it does for other developing countries as we here in the states don’t really care to much about national pride or rather we do and we don’t it’s not really a big deal to us at all. Were as in still developing nations national pride is a big thing that we as Americans sometimes have trouble wrapping our heads around how one comment made in ignorance of the culture can cause such a problem. all in all when traveling to another country one must try to respect there cultures and beliefs, however the people of that culture must also accept that they are dealing with a foreigner and just because they say something does not mean they mean it as a national insult. For example just because i travel to Ecuador does not mean i am an Ecuadorian and while i respect there culture i also have my own culture as an American that i was born into just like people born in Ecuador or were ever, and this cannot just be thrown away as soon as i step off of the airplane. look at it this way if a visiting Ecuadorian came to visit New York City USA does that mean just because your in the US that you throw away you own culture and the way you were raised and act completely like an American, no it means you try to adapt and be respectful while in the US but you will also be keeping you beliefs from home intact. In conclusion what one person considers an innocent comment another might take as a personal insult even if that wasn’t what was intended, so try to give people a break unless it is clear they mean to insult you.

16 JR
5 years, 10 months ago

OH and FYI the person who made this guide/over view did in his own way briefly touch on the natural beauty/attractions that Ecuador most defiantly has by stating:
“Ecuador was made for the adventure traveler; the surfer, hiker, mountain climber / biker, the naturist and white water rafter. The comfortable tourist trail has been laid with very reasonable prices until you hit the Galapagos. You should take a visit if you want to do a lot of outdoor activities in a relatively compact area.”

I think almost everybody who commented on this guys perception of things blew what he said way out of proportion, twisting what i’m sure he thought was a simple comment into a (nation insult).
Bottom line is this person is giving you a review based on his experiences and what he saw as the highs points and low points of his trip and is advising people according to his priorities. If I or anyone else were to give a review of a country i’m sure we would include our own views regarding its high and low points and i’m sure you can always find someone out there to disagree with you, as everyone has there own opinion. This guide is just one persons view of Ecuador and what they thought of it, and if people don’t like it they don’t have to go by it there are hundreds of blogs out there just like this one only written by other people try those out and maybe you’ll find people who’s views you can relate to better. Truth be told this guy didn’t do a great job as far as listing information about Ecuador goes, this is a very basic blog that carries very little information about Ecuador in it and only touches on the few things the poster thought to mention. I do advise people looking to get a more in-depth feel of what Ecuador is like before going there to seek out more informative blogs to get a better understanding of Ecuador. Ecuador like every country in the world including the US has its problems, but it is a great place to travel to.
Also all you posters out there, you should really stop and think before getting yourselves so upset over nothing, as this will most likely not be the last time someone posts something online you don’t like, in fact as i type i’ll bet 10 such posts are going up right now. The internet is a big place, so try to find common ground with people not engage them.

17 Tim
5 years, 9 months ago

I wouldn’t agree with this article. While from my experience the average Ecuadorian girl isn’t as sexy as those from Colombia and Venezuela, there are still many, many attractive ones. I would disagree about them looking like Indians. It’s a fact that most girls are mixed-race, especially those from Quito and Guayaquil. And looks aside, most Ecuadorian girls are very nice, interesting and loyal women. I would also say that most are NOT looking for a green card. It’s quite obvious to spot the ones who are. Sure some find gringos more attractive, but then again most gringos find them more attractive than Caucasian girls.

From my experience most of them are conservative and live at home with their parents until marriage which can be a downer. They also tend to be quite jealous/possessive, but everything I’ve said here is a stereotype from my experience. Everyone is different. But from my experience, they are lovely girls, beautiful and some of the nicest people I’ve met.

18 Rolando
5 years, 7 months ago

This is an offensive comment , and its not real at all , seriously your talking shit !

19 Norma
5 years, 7 months ago

I’m ecuadorian and I know why you think like that, it’s because a typical ecuadorian girl has andean and spanish descent and people think that if you look andean (darked-skin, small eyes and aguileña nose) you are just ugly; but that doesn’t need to affect the ecuadorians because we’re beautiful, beauty comes from the inside, if we feel beautiful, powerful and confident that will definitly make you more beautiful and that’s what really matters…the way you feel about yourself. I have european descent, my great great grandfather was european and that’s why I’m a little pail and here in Ecuador, if you have clear-skinned you belong to the high-class of Ecuador which is composed by the italian, german, arabian, american descendants mostly; not everyone aprecciate the ecuadorian beauty, this shouldn’t be like that.

20 Bob
5 years, 7 months ago

Total Crap. I’ve spent 6 months or more in Ecuador and seen over 20 cities. The people have always been friendly and courteous, and never once did I feel threatened or was I mugged or robbed. They are a peaceful people. The most ludicris statements are about the women. Many of them are absolutely beautiful, sometimes I did not know where to turn next and which one to look at. My favorites are the ones from the coast. One of my favoriate countries to visit, and also a very popular retirement spot.

21 Bill Nye
5 years, 6 months ago

The best thing about Ecuador are the hookers and the nachos. Both excellent.

22 Nathaniel
5 years, 4 months ago

I am dating a Ecuadorian woman, she is beautiful.She is mixed with Spanish and Black but looks more Latin, sexy curves pretty beyond words and love the fact she is not easy but said no too sex on many steamy nights of kissing, most American girls have sex with me on the same night and I lose my affection soon after but not with my Ecuadorian WOMAN she is like a breath of fresh air she can also cook something American girls don’t know. So I know noones perfect but I am happy she came to live in the U.S.and within 4 yrs time we have met. Also she is a graduate from her University in Ecuador that shows a lot about her personnel dedication! Did I say how HOTT she was?;)

23 X-man
5 years, 3 months ago

Man, where have u been!! women in Guayaquil and in Quito are extraordinary beutiful!! a mixture of European with South American.
Go back to high school and learn a bit please!!

24 Sebastian
4 years, 10 months ago

Well the gentleman of this blog, depends Ecuador sites you visit, do not consider your post offensive, everyone has their opinion, although there I saw an idiot, and some hotheads, perhaps I miss touring the country more thoroughly, as it is varied, Ecuadorian women are of all kinds, oh and a large part of the Ecuadorians do not believe that the Americans are rich.
An Ecuadorian Greetings to all the good people of this blog.
excuse my English

25 Que chuchateimporta
4 years, 8 months ago

Hi I’m from Ecuador, and this post is absolutely right. It’s just people here have been taught to be overattched to their birthplace so that they can’t see nor think any further. It’s true there are a few beauties here, but it’s a MINORITY, abd they’re NOT NATIVE, THEY’VE GOT FOREIGN’S BLOOD IN THEM. That’s not ecuadoriN ‘beauty’, that’s just a beauty living in Ecuador. I’m sorry, but I’m a realist.

26 Gia
4 years, 7 months ago

Hi there!

I’m married to a very tall, blue eyed, 6’2″ white Ecuadorian/American. When we met, I didn’t believe that his family was of Ecuadorian decent since the majority of the Ecuadorians that I have met in the states have always looked more Inca (or indigenous), & a mixed of Inca & black. Now, there isn’t anything wrong with being of Inca or African decent . . . it’s just not my cup of tea. I have always been attracted to tall, muscular, lighter men. Sorry, but It’s just my preference. I am of 5′ 8″ of Cuban & Spanish decent, dark blonde and hazel eyed. In Cuba, the US and abroad Cubans are seen in a variety of different colors and sizes. Blancos, negros, Chinos, flacos, altors, gordos, etc. So there is more of a variety of people to admire. Colombia, Brazil & Venezuela are the same way.

My husband took me to Quito two years ago to visit some of his family. During my stay there I was shocked at the lack of racial diversity among Quito’s population. I saw people that looked mostly indigenous, and some mestiso. Where ever we went the women had mostly long straight black hair, were short in stature and had boxy figures. Most of the men that I saw had similar appearances. The local population of people that are of European decent are few. I notice a shift in Quayaquil. There was more of a variety of people of African decent and mixes.

While walking around Quito my husband and I were often stared at by random people, and approached by vendors. They probably thought we were WASP’s, but their reactions were quite funny when we would directly speak to them in fluent Spanish. Did it look a little poor . . . yes. Did I feel like I was going to get robbed? Yes. In fact my husband had his pocket picked in a flea market that was a few blocks away from our hotel. But honestly, that can happen anywhere. Did I feel that the women were being rude when staring at me & my husband . . .YES! Did I think the women where being at times inappropriate with my hubby . . . yes! To the point where my husband was saying WTF? But that could also happen anywhere.

Ecuador is a beautiful country, but I think the only beautiful Ecuadorian man I’ve ever seen is . . . my husband.

27 Anonymous
4 years, 2 months ago

Well, the majority of foreigners think we are all indigenous… and yes! we have plenty of indigenous people in our country, but thats not all there is. Unfortunately, we get this stereotype due to the high amount of immigrants in Europe and USA who are mostly indigenous looking. why? because sadly most of these people come from a low social class in which the unfortunate lack of opportunities push them to leave our beautiful country. I always get the You don’t look Ecuadorian!? when I travel… Blonde, white and hazel eyes… I don’t really fit the stereotype, but I don’t have an European or American passport… why? all my family are from Ecuador… after my great grand parents Im not too sure, but the truth is, we are all mestizos and there are white people born here… The majority of people in my high school weren’t indigenous and there were no afro ecuadorians at all. What happens is foreigners get taken only to truistic places… were we don’t hang out… second, I don’t know about the people you’ve met, but we don’t really walk… we drive… if you go to nice places you won’t get a funny look… why? they are used to see others like you…

I also believe you don’t need to be white to be beautiful, our indigenous women are beautiful our black women are beautiful our mestizas are beautiful.. and if you go to certain places you’ll even see many gringas and europeans fall for our short indigenous men. On the other hand, the majority of people who marry gringos from the US tend to be from middle or low social classes as well, therefore you might not have been taken anywhere nice frequently… i don’t mean nice as in pretty, because u don’t need to go fancy to find a good place in Ecuador… but nice as in high class and fancy… you should also know in our country, social class doesn’t equal money… you might have money and still not hang with the high class…
so it just seem to me you are married with the wrong travel guide 🙂

remember whats different attract people… our women have principles, are not easy and require hard work… these attract the gringos who are used to easy girls that kill their imagination and give it all on the first night… I assume you were born in the US… therefore, like it or not u get some of their things… which would definitely attract our men… like your expected easiness…

28 Louise
3 years, 11 months ago

I love indigenous people. I think they are absolutely beautiful, have gorgeous dark glossy hair and slanted eyes. They also have lovely tanned skin and look years younger than us white people.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

29 henry
3 years, 9 months ago

The guy who started this is soo right. There are some women in Ecuador that are really pretty, but the majority is not.
Too short, overweight, no nice femal gestures, not female enough in their appearances.

I am glad the Ecuadorian guys find them attractive!

30 JR
3 years, 9 months ago

Read my two posts numbers 15 and 16 the are objective and as non judgmental as possible while still expressing my own view and for all you hot blooded people on here posting short angry comments without considering everyone has there own opinion and they are entitled to it without being told they are insulting people if I like vanilla ice cream but you don’t that is fine it is OK it is not the end of creation nor will i take i personally unless there is clear intent to insult don’t be so hasty in your judgments remember an opinionated review is just that a review based on someones opinion of there experiences somewhere and it is important to remember every-bodies travel experiences differ and are not necessarily meant to insult people

31 JR
3 years, 9 months ago

Note I am not here to wave the flag of any particular country I make a brief reference to the USA in previous blogs because that is the country I am from not because i am trying to compare countries. I have traveled all over the world so rest assured my opinions come from a well traveled person not someone who has never gotten out of there own country/or there own city so I know how opinions and travel experiences can be different as I have traveled alone and with many people over the years at times to the same places/countries and even though we are in the same place our travel opinions on the place we visit and the experiences are usually different. experiences can also vary depending on what you go to a country to do as well.
I URGE ALL READERS TO PLEASE READ MY BLOGS #15 #16 #30 in that order for a non bias opinion of the posts written here on this site

32 JR
3 years, 9 months ago

Taking immediate insult to someones opinion before stopping to think whether or not they mean to insult you is a very ignorant and hasty thing to do and is not something to be proud of that’s how arguments start for no reason. Bottom line is you, I or who ever it does not matter are entitled to there own opinion RELAX

33 Anonymous
3 years, 9 months ago

Dear Blogger,
I have been reading most of your comments and your entire review about Ecuador. As I can see you have not traveling that much! People can be so different in several ways. Ecuadorians are a mix of the entire world, I have found amazingly good looking people as I have been see really ugly people! I may say it happens the same in the States. So, I’m a proud Ecuadorian.. 5’9, tan skin, hanzelnut eye, brow hair and athletic ( yes, we do work out) lol. Did I say all of my friends are as good looking as I am? Well, if you start looking in the wrong places like Mariscal trust me, you will end up meeting the wrong people. If you don’t wanna be target like a gringo ( don’t be one of them) learn about our culture, take some Spanish classes and let it be. So, people don’t freak out about Ecuador, it’s full of kind people! However, if you decided to backpacked traveling be so aware about where you are staying! I mean just be smart! Stay away from people who can lead you into a big trouble such as prostitutes, drug dealers or gringo hunters. Btw, My husband is an amazing New Yorker, we met when I was doing my Master’s. One amazing thing about multicultural relationships our children are gonna be able to speak Spanish, English and Italian as a mother language! 😉
Enjoy Ecuador!
Places to go:
Restaurants: Carminere, Noe, Rincon de Francia Cooks y Lucia.
Clubs: Love and Opera.
Bars: Zinc and Petipe bistro
Shopping: Quicentro, Scala, San Francisco and Jardin

34 Anonymous
3 years, 7 months ago

I just returned from Ecuador. I made a genuine attempt at courtship and marriage with an 18 year old girl in Ecuador. I am twice her age, never married, and want a good marriage for life. The age difference was more than I initially wanted, but once we were together I was fully comfortable with the age gap.
Mery is beautiful and I communicated with both her parents -divorced- before and during courtship. A façade of conservatism was put forth, which attracted me until I found out it was bogus. I was happy to wait until marriage for sex and I communicated this to Mery and her family in Pasaje Ecuador. Her father was very good to me and supported our plans for marriage. I have never been treated so good as Mery’s father treated me. The mother was initially supportive, but soon became manipulative and would withdraw her support to get what they wanted. Then the daughter would become unstable and run away from me. We went from happy and engaged to Mery running away and playing with other men, or should I say boys from Ecuador. Her secret facebook profile surfaced with recent pictures -after our engagement- of Mery Isabel kissing and holding hands with multiple men. It was a sort of revenge for not getting her way on some issue. And from the string of pictures and multiple men, it appears to be the way she is. Not a prostitute. She has intense beauty and is poor. Seems that she has learned that one thing she can do effectively is attract the attention of men and perhaps manipulate. Mery Isabel was always open to receiving money and often asked, yet showed even less loyalty the more money she received.
I was attracted to the concept of the conservative woman, protected by her parents, which is a theme in Ecuador. In this particular case, and it is only one person, the conservative, virtuous woman in Ecuador was not conservative, and not virtuous.
I confronted her about the other men. She found some way to blameshift her unfaithful action into being my fault. Her mother blameshifted even more. Mery’s father apologized to me with grief. I broke up with Mery and told her firmly how unfaithful her actions are. I had begun to have a bond with her, given our serious intentions. Turned out to be a painful disappointment.
I am a self employed, very serious and quiet man from USA. I thought the reserved conservative ways in Ecuador might make for a match made in heaven. Not this time.

35 Jon
3 years, 6 months ago

Wow I don’t know what you are talking about ,my girlfriend is Ecuadorean and she is just so beautiful. She’s a model too.

36 a gringa
3 years, 5 months ago

As a gringa in Ecuador, I can say the writer missed important points. Women are SUPPRESSED in Ecuador by a patriarchal male system that thinks they are better than women or higher in status than women. There is no equality here for women or foreigners (male or female) thinking of relocating. There is rampanent discrimination in employment as well. Ecuatorians think they are better than everyone else. They judge everyone. They are not fair, nor kind. They go to church, and do not practice what it says. Beware Ecuador!

37 a spanaird
3 years, 5 months ago

Wow. I too went to Ecuador to find a bride, when I finished my education. I met what appeared to be a lovely woman in Quito. She attended the Iglesia De Dios Septimo Dia. I found out that her family routinely invites people from other countries. They steal as much as they can from them, lie to them, build them up, and lead them on. When they take all that they can, then they dump them. Her father is a leader in this church. This church has no independence and is run only by one family. They steal and take from the members, and attack all outsiders. Be very careful. My experience says to run away from all Ecuadorian people, and especially the women. (The women are not able to be people, btw. Talk about being in Pakistan).

38 LG
3 years, 4 months ago

Wow, I just returned from a 12 day visit to Ecuador and am so smitten by the country, its people, beauty and culture that I have started looking into going back for two months or so next year. After this blog I am no so sure.

39 jimbo
3 years, 2 months ago

I am looking forward to visiting and possibly moving to your beautiful country. And no doubt, there are beautiful women there, as is everywhere! Beauty exhibits itself in many ways, not always leading to a beautiful person! What happened to a model and her husband leaving a Guayaquil nightclub recently shocked me! The cowardice exhibited by the group of men allowing it to happen and the hate spewed forth by a mob of women breaking bottles, stripping this woman, and cutting her face and body w/ jagged bottles, all while club owners and staff stood by. All this days after the Pope had just visited!No matter how rich or arrogant this couple might have been(no proof of that as yet)they didn’t deserve a mobs vigilante justice! Not one Ecuadorian tried to stop it! For shame, Guayaquil! I am sure this is not true of all Ecuador, but, my God, machismo sure seemed to take a backseat to cowardice in numbers!I don’t understand it!Can an Ecuadorian shed some light on this shameful incident.

40 Cris
2 years, 7 months ago

A ver. Primero que nada, el gringo este está diciendo la verdad. Así es el Ecuador. Quizá tú que lees no lo eres ni yo tampoco, pero si vemos alrededor, SÍ es así el Ecuador. Qué importa si es un gringo o un chino o un ecuatoriano el que lo dice. Déjense de nacionalismos. ¿No ven el presidente que tenemos? Un tirano. Así es el Ecuador, tiránico y sin ganas de enfrentar la verdad. Aunque yo no lo sea y tú no lo seas, la sociedad aquí sí es así. Y mejor que de una vez un gringo lo diga, así nos “damos zona”. Es falso orgullo querer que solo los ecuatorianos digamos nuestras verdades. Pero si ni a los ecuatorianos les dejamos…les tachamos de malos ecuatorianos cuando lo hacen. Todos unos tiránicos, igual que el presidente y tantos otros presidentes de cuya historia ni nos hemos enterado por culpa de esta cultura medio oscurantista en la que vivimos. Y luego solo queremos oír que todo es una maravilla en este Ecuador. Si así fuera nuestras vidas también fueran una maravilla…pero qué son…una variante torpe y miserable de un autoritarismo engranado en nuestras propias familias, reflejado en cada aspecto social cultural político que nos rodea, y a diario. Pero, eso sí, a joderles a los extranjeros que osan no alabarnos. Hipocresía. Si no dejamos de ser unos hipócritas vamos a tener que seguir mintiendo toda la vida para defender el “honor” del Ecuador, en vez de cambiar y transformarnos realmente en lo que quisiéramos ser. Libertad. Aprendamos el concepto de la libertad. Estos gringos tienen la libertad de expresar lo que ven y sienten. A lo mejor están equivocados ¿y qué? Reprimir es quitar nuestra propia libertad, incluso nuestra libertad de pensamiento.

And now I will write in English. First of all…I am an Ecuadoreann woman. I am a halfbreed, a mestiza. I think what you said about Ecuadorean women here is fine. Now, I will also say what I think: I consider myself quite attractive and actually only because of the feedback I get on the street nowadasys since my childhood was quite more traumatizing and depressing. I agree with you that many Ecuadorean women AND men are off-putting, so, again, what you said here is fine by me. But, I will also a say what I think. There are too many “viejos verdes” from the First World around. You know what that means??? It means old men who (like Third World men) like to think girls are into them because of their money, gringo status, whatever. I am not one of them. I am nearly forty and I like men that are quite much younger indeed, if you ask me. I am not after your money. I do like comfort and nice things but that does not mean I would go in a relationship with you because of your so called status or money. I come from a much unluckier country than yours and that does not make me dumb or a slut. I am a free spirit and I am an Ecuadorean woman. If you think Ecuadorean women are not as nice as…fine by me, that is not my point. But be ware that there are free thinkers here…and that there are lots of you who are just the blonder version of a male slut. And we recognize you. Yes, we Ecuadorean women.

41 T
1 year, 10 months ago

You people are idiots. I am white american, have been in guayaquil for 2.5 months and this article is BS! Same thing could be said for any city in US. If youre an idiot and make yourself a target, stand by just like any place. Guayaquil and ecuador in general is a beautiful country with great food, beautiful people and a historic culture. Whoever wtote this is a F’n idiot!

42 Alex
1 year, 5 months ago

I tend to agree with the original writer. Ecuador in general has grossly unattractive women, unless you find a rare jewel who has either japanese or european blood. Otherwise, they are very short, and either shaped like a pyramid, or shaped like a hay-bale. Not suitable for dating, but perhaps they could sure corner well at speed, if they were a car, due to the hilariously low center of gravity. Why go to Ecuador looking for beautiful women, when you could go to Colombia, Brazil, Venezuela, or Argentina, where beautiful women are a dime a dozen. Come to Ecuador for the natural beauty, but be sure to bring a Colombian girl with you.

43 Greg
1 year, 5 months ago

Honestly Ecuador is the most americanized place in latin America with Mexico at first place, with traffic everywhere, heavy meals, a lot of drunkers ,fast food everywhere,crime, people and woman are FAT , they have a closed mind, are some of the ugliest girl in latin america, and they are not so Wow like colombians or Brazilians.Girls are 100% egocentric, with a very strange and heavy catholic influence , all girls live with their parents, If you travel to meet interesting girls, or if you travel to make sex in Ecuador, change your plans and go directly to Brazil or to Colombia.There is no sense to travel to Ecuador.

44 Max
1 year, 5 months ago

Ecuatorians are church fanatics like no other in Latin America, they talk about God every moment, but they do not put in practice what they say. Are ones of the biggest liars in the world.They spent a lot of time in paper jobs, bureaucracy, traffic, family, family and family, then ,they live in a very machist and discriminating society, woman have strong character and some times it is difficult to interact with them, also they tend to drink and spend a lot so necessary you are pressed to spent a lot for them.They have a very materialistic way of life, they tend to buy and accumulate things , not experiences, also, they tend to spend money they have not, or ask to be helped by you to spent a lot .Honestly a very very bad experience in Ecuador after 6 months in this country I can say, i will never return here.there are incredible countries like Brazil or Argentina, or Colombia or Dominican Republic, where girls are super sexy, super beautiful, not influenced by a very heavy catholic culture and are less americanized than ecuatorians.Also they do not dress sexy or elegant like colombians or Argentinians, and Obesity is endemic .Stay away from Ecuador

45 Phill
1 year, 5 months ago

I agree with Max, Ecuador has nothing to do with searching for decent girl.This country has nothing with respect of beauty .Girls are stressed spending a lot of time in a low budged paper jobs, also Ecuatorians tend to be less attractive and to be more fat than majority of latin american girls.

46 Jason
1 year, 4 months ago

Hey guys, stay away from Ecuador, if you need decent beautiful girls go to Colombia or Brazil .Also Ecuadorean girls have the absolutely worst character in latin america, stay away , aslo Ecuador it is not cheap.For me Brazil at first place , then Dominican Republic, then Colombia.

1 year, 4 months ago

estoy de acuerdo con el gringo! soy ecuatoriano y el Ecuador apesta a mierda!
es una porquería de país lleno de gente fea deforme y estúpida!
las mujeres son horribles!

1 year, 1 month ago

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49 Anonymous
1 year ago

Ecuadorian women usually have flat butts and wear granny panties. All the negative comments I read, proceeding this one, are true. The culture here sucks. I’ve lived in Ecuador for 2 years, unfortunately, to be close to my wife’s family. There are countries nearby that are so much better!

50 Anonymous
6 months, 2 weeks ago

blow me!