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This site is for guys looking to hook up with the girls in other countries. In each city I've been to I rate your chance of hooking up along with what to do during the day, where to sleep, and what spots to hit at night. In each country's overview page I also give a description on the girls. For advice on how to pick girls up, take a look at my game tips newsletter, which complements my book Bang.

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The “Chance Of Hooking Up Rating” is designed to help single, horny guys pick their next vacation spot. There are three components to the rating: (1) availability of girls, (2) girl friendliness, and (3) find and meet logistics. Description of the five possible ratings:

1 out of 5: You have an extremely low chance of hooking up. Don’t visit for the girls.
2 out of 5: You’ll need quite a bit of magical luck.
3 out of 5: There are girls around, but it’s not necessarily easy.
4 out of 5: You have a very good chance of hooking up if you put in an honest effort.
5 out of 5: Hooking up is guaran-fucking-teed as long as you aren’t disfigured.

Below I have listed all cities contained in the guide from highest rating to lowest.

5 out of 5

4 out of 5

3 out of 5

2 out of 5

1 out of 5